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Danh sách các họa sĩ thứ tự chữ cái :

• Afremov
• Botero
• Elvgren
• Hopper
• Klimt
• Monet
• Mucha
• Picasso
• Renoir
• Van Gogh
• Vettriano
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Painting Workshop

Painting Workshop

Would you like to begin painting or start painting again?

Our gallery Tranh Vang at Thao Dien can provide you with your easel, palette, brush, oil paint or acrylic, etc ... either all necessary tools for paint (except stretched canvas).

  • 200 k. vnd / person / hour (from 12 years old)
  • 100 k. vnd for 1 stretched canvas 60x80cm
  • Day and time on reservation (see opening hours)
  • Buy 10 get 1h FREE or 1 stretched canvas
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